Indian Materia Medica – Author: A. K. Nadkarni, K. M. Nadkarni

indian materia medica


Indian Materia Medica (2 Volumes)

Author: A. K. Nadkarni, K. M. Nadkarni

Dr. K. M. Nadkarni’s well-known book ‘The Indian Materia Medica’ does not need any introduction. It has been revised, enlarged and brought upto date by his distinguished son Shri A. K. Nadkarni who deserves the gratitude of the lovers of Ayurveda all over the country. The Indian Materia Medica contains about 2000 drugs, the majority of which are of vegetable origin. The author has dealt with the section of herbs and their use in medicine in a very informative and at the same time lucid manner which will appeal even to practitioners of western medicine.

ISBN: 978-81-7154-143-0
Format: Hard Cover
List Price: 1200.00/-



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I am a osho sanyasi, yoga teacher and a homoeopath.
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