Bamboo : The Silica From Bamboo Extract Improves Skin Health By Helping The Body Absorb Essential Minerals Such As Calcium, Potassium, And Magnesium.



Bamboo Extract


Bamboo Extract Comes From The Leaves And Stalks Of An Edible Grass That Is Eaten By Many Of The World’s Animals. It Is A Rich Source Of Silica, Which Is An Essential Nutrient For Humans, Too. In Particular, Silica Plays A Great Role In Keeping The Skin And Hair Healthy. In Fact, Daily Supplements Of Silica Through The Use Of Bamboo Extract Can Improve The Condition Of Hair And Skin, Even To The Point Of Alleviating Eczema And Psoriasis.

The Skin Is The Largest Organ In The Body, And It Requires A Balance Of Nutrients In Order To Stay Healthy. The Silica From Bamboo Extract Improves Skin Health By Helping The Body Absorb Essential Minerals Such As Calcium, Potassium, And Magnesium. Bamboo Extract Also Offers Anti-irritant Properties, Soothing The Skin When Applied Directly Through Lotions Or Creams. It Also Contains Anti-oxidants, Helping To Minimize Wrinkles And Naturally Boost Youthful Radiance.

Many People Seek To Improve The Health Of Their Hair, And Bamboo Extract Can Help Many Users Reach That Goal By Keeping Hair Ducts Clear. When Used In Shampoos, Bamboo Extract Is Good At Washing Away Dead Skin Cells And Other Unwanted Agents That Can Build Up On Hair Strands. By Playing A Role In Removing A Build-up Of Pollutants, Body Oils, And Chemicals On The Hair, Bamboo Extract Can Also Add A Natural Shine And Luster To Your Hair.

In Addition To Its Benefits To Hair And Skin, Silica From Bamboo Extract Can Strengthen The Musculoskeletal System, Improve The Condition Of Nails And Teeth, And Reduce Triglycerides And Cholesterol. It Is Available In Shampoos And  conditioners As Well As In Body Lotions And Skin Serums. Some Hair Colors, Exfoliants, And Body Washes Also Contain This Valuable Extract. Bamboo Extract Can Be Taken Internally Also, Via Tablets Or Capsules. But One Of The Best Ways To Enjoy The Benefits Ofextract Is Through Eating Bamboo Shoots. They Can Be Used In A Variety Of Dishes And Are Found In Most Supermarkets.

When It Comes To The Needs Of The Skin And Hair, Bamboo is An Excellent Supplement Choice. Widely Available, It Is Easy To Use And Offers Quick Benefits


About Swami Devaishta

I am a osho sanyasi, yoga teacher and a homoeopath.
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