Banyan fruit powder as a cure for many diseases ….



Banyan fruit powder as a cure for many diseasesHindi-Bad,Barrh
English:Banyan tree
Telugu:Marri chettu
Tamil:Aala maram

This tree has many medicinal properties but this post is about the healing properties of the fruit.

A fruit is made as an offering to the Banyan tree and it is highly recommended that the person say thanks to the tree for the help-( It is always good etiquette to say thanks -even to a tree I guess..)
The fruit is collected ,washed and cut into 4 parts and dried in the sun .It is made into a smooth powder.

1-This banyan fruit powder is mixed with
2 – an equal quantity of Mishri or rock candy sugar and
3 – half the amount of Jeera powder.(aka cumin).

This mixture is stored in a glass jar.
Some dry pieces of fruit may be stored in bulk which is useful to make a fresh batch of the given mixture.

The dosage per day is- half a spoon for children and one spoon for adults with a glass of milk which can be sweetened with Mishri.

Benefits for children:

Children grow taller
Weak children become stronger and their complexion improves.
The memory of children improves dramatically.
A better behavioral change is seen in extremely stubborn children.

Benefits for Men:

Men become stronger and get a lustre of youth.
It is very potent and improves men’s health in general and reduces the early discharge problem in men.

Benefits for Ladies:

All kinds of gynec problems are solved if ladies take this powder twice a day.

This includes – Excess discharge in periods,cysts in ovaries,white discharge problem,spotting between periods,repeated natural abortions,very light periods,some kinds of infertility and polyps.

It also tones up the body and firming the flabby areas giving them a youthful appearance.

For old people:
It acts a rejuvenate for the old.


About Swami Devaishta

I am a osho sanyasi, yoga teacher and a homoeopath.
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