What clothes you wear has meaning…..OSHO



“It is true that wearing a particular kind of clothes does not make one a sannyasin, but it is also true that sannyasins do wear some particular kind of clothes. Clothes don’t make for sannyas, but that does not mean that a sannyasin cannot have his own clothes. He can. Clothes are not that important, but they are not that unimportant either.

What clothes you wear has meaning. And why you wear clothes has meaning too. Someone wears loose clothes and someone else prefers tight ones. There is not much of a difference between loose and tight clothes, but it does say something about the mental makeup of the people who wear them. Why does someone choose loose garments for himself while another chooses tight ones? IF A PERSON IS QUIET AND PEACEFUL HE WILL GO IN FOR LOOSE CLOTHING,HE WON’T LIKE TIGHT ONES.On the other hand, TIGHT CLOTHING IS PREFERRED BY ONE WHO IS DISTURBED,HOT-TEMPERED AND SEXUAL.Loose clothes are not good for fighting. That is why soldiers all over the world have tight-fitting outfits; they cannot be given loose uniforms. The job of a soldier is such that he needs to be tight and smart. His clothes really should be so tight that he is always ready for action, that he feels he can jump out of his body whenever he is required to do so.

-OSHO Krishna:the man and his philosophy #sannyas is of the highest


About Swami Devaishta

I am a osho sanyasi, yoga teacher and a homoeopath.
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    “It is a simple physiological fact that your whole skin breathes – inhales, exhales – not just your nose.If a thick paint is put on your body so that all possibilities of inhaling and exhaling are stopped, and your nose is left open – you will still die in three hours. Just the nose is not enough. It is the most important part, but it is not enough. Your whole body consists of almost seven billion living cells.They all need oxygen and they all need to throw out carbon dioxide. Your clothes are preventing it.

    Your clothes are not your friends. But because of thousands of years of using clothes, your bodies have become weak, so you will have to use them. But once in a while, when the season allows you and there are no fanatics around, just be as God has sent you – utterly naked – and you will feel a new release of life, youthfulness, freshness.

    The sun is your friend. The wind is your friend; the rain is your friend. Your clothes are your enemies.But now, because you have become weak – man is today the weakest animal in existence – you will have to use clothes. Use clothes… but once in a while, give a chance to the body to have its natural right.”

    -OSHO the messiah vol.1 # shame was his loom….

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