Mind-Oriented Diseases


Mind-Oriented Diseases

Mind-oriented diseases have their own place, but the physicians don’t accept it. This reluctance is because they have treatment only for body-oriented diseases; there is no other reason. It is beyond him, so he just says that this is not a disease. Actually he should say that this is beyond his scope. He should advise you to find a different type of doctor. This person actually needs a treatment which will start from within and then come  outwards. And it is possible that a very small thing can change his inner life.

According to me, meditation is a treatment that spreads from the inside out.

One day somebody went to Buddha and asked, “Who are you? Are you a philosopher, or a thinker or a saint or a yogi?” Buddha replied, “I am only a healer, a physician.”

This answer of his is truly marvellous: Only a healer — I know something about the inner diseases and that is what I discuss with you.

The day we understand that we will have to do something about these mindoriented diseases — because anyway we will never be able to eradicate all the bodyoriented diseases completely — that day we will see that religion and science have come closer to each other. That day we will see that medicine and meditation have come nearer to each other. My own understanding is that no other branch of science will help as much as medicine in bridging this gap.

From Medication to Meditation – OSHO, page no 15


About Swami Devaishta

I am a osho sanyasi, yoga teacher and a homoeopath.
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3 Responses to Mind-Oriented Diseases

  1. What is more interesting to see the similarities between Homeopathy and Buddhism is the core word ‘ MIND’ . About 2500 years ago Buddha attained the Nirvana through complete control on ‘MIND’ and about 334 years back Dr Hahnemann echoed the same thoughts .

    One day somebody went to Buddha and asked, “Who are you? Are you a philosopher, or a thinker or a saint or a yogi?” Buddha replied, “I am only a healer, a physician.”

    ‘The Four Noble Truths ‘ seem the pathway ,In the Buddhist tradition, the Buddha is often compared to a great physician, and his teachings are compared to medicine. The teachings on the four noble truths in particular are related to a medical diagnosis, as follows
    1.The truth of dukkha: is recognizing that there is an illness
    2.The truth of origin: is identifying the cause of the illness ( the diagnosis)
    3.The truth of cessation: is identifying a cure of the illness (the prognosis)
    4.The truth of the path: is recommending a treatment for the illness that can bring about a cure (the prescription)
    Great post Pravin !! thanks for sharing !! Interestingly I am writing on the same topic , ‘ चिकित्सा विज्ञान के समतुल्य है चार आर्य सत्य ‘ which will soon be published on http://www.preachingsofbuddha.blogspot.com

    • thanks sir ,
      i am eagerly waiting your forthcoming article ” चिकित्सा विज्ञान के समतुल्य है चार आर्य सत्य “

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