Dhyan – Aarogyam

 Dhyan – Aarogyam is a new concept of holistic healing platform where we treat the person as a whole, with the help of medicine [homoeopathic] and meditation.

Your mind makes you available to certain diseases, and makes you protected against certain diseases. Your mind is your world. Your mind is your health, your mind is your illness. And if you live with the mind, you continue to live in a capsule, and you cannot know what reality is That reality is known only when you drop all types of minds —communal, individual, social, cultural, personal…when you drop all types of minds. Then your mind becomes universal. Then your mind becomes one with the mind of the universe. When you don’t have your own mind, your consciousness becomes universal.

All problems are psychosomatic because the body and the mind are not two things. …

The mind is the inner part of the body, and the body is the outer part of the mind, so anything can start in the body and can enter into the mind, or vice versa: it can start in the mind and enter into the body. There is no division, there is no watertight compartment.

So all problems have two edges to them: they can be tackled through the mind and through the body. And up to now this has been the practice in the world: a few believe that all problems are of the body — the physiologists, the Pavlovians, the Behaviourists…. They treat the body, and of course in fifty percent of cases they succeed. And they hope that as science grows they will be succeeding more, but they will never succeed more than fifty percent; it has nothing to do with the growth of science.

Then the other party is there which thinks that all problems are of the mind —which is as wrong as the first. Christian Science people and hypnotists and mesmerists, psychotherapists, they all think problems are of the mind. They also succeed in fifty percent of cases; they also think that sooner or later they will succeed more and more. That is nonsense. They cannot succeed more than fifty percent; that is the limit.

My own understanding is that each problem has to be tackled from both sides together, simultaneously. It has to be attacked from the doors, a double-fronted attack; then man
can be cured one hundred percent. Whenever science becomes perfect it will work both

The first is the body, because the body is the portal to the mind — the porch. And because the body is gross it is still easily manipulatable. First the body has to be freed of all its accumulated structures. If you have lived for so long with the feeling that you are weak, then it must have entered into the body, into the very structure of the body. First it has to be relieved from there; and simultaneously your mind has to be inspired so that it can start moving upwards and can start dropping all the loads that keep it down.



About Swami Devaishta

I am a osho sanyasi, yoga teacher and a homoeopath.
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